Gua Sha Opalite

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Gua Sha Opalite
Opalite Gua sha
A Gua Sha is a tool that comes from Chinese medicine, and the word 'Gua' means scrape, and 'sha' means sand. This essentially means Gua sha treat muscle pain and give you a sculpted effect when pressure is applied onto the face using it. These tools have different edges, which fit on different parts of your face like your cheeks, jaw, forehead, etc to give you more coverage and contact for a great sculpted effect. As you stroke along your face using the “Sweeping technique”, your skin stretches and this creates friction, giving you a well-contoured effect. • They help stimulate new blood flow and bring oxygen to the surface of the skin that helps heal it. • They help draw out stagnation in problem areas, and in generating metabolic cell repair. • They help re-energize the skin, and the gentle massaging motions stimulate the lymphatic drainage system throughout your face, which is a crucial part of your immune system. • Upon stimulation, it cleanses the body from stagnant waste products, toxins, and other debris and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection. • Since it is removing the obstructions where fluid may build-up, it aids in reducing swelling, acne, allergies, and regenerating the skin’s tissue as well. Facial tools must always be used with a serum or face oil of your choice. The rolling or sweeping effect will also ensure better absorption into the skin, and ensure that the essential nutrients seep in faster rather than just sitting on the outermost layer of your skin (Source: Gift for your Loved ones
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