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Vegan Online store proudly kiwi owned


The One Of Its Kind Online Vegan Store

Our Mission

We strive to offer unmatchable shopping experience and best available quality Vegan products all with ease and comfort of your home. We aim to provide wide range of products for the community sourced from the best sources with special consideration on buying local.

Our Assurance

We have gone through tough product selection criteria to provide you with best available products. It is our endeavor to continuously source products that are ethically harnessed and are cruelty free.

Why Vegan Store

When you shop with us , you will be supporting your own local community members knowing that your you will be using your money to support veganism further.
Though a small business, but our work ethics and spirit to work with locals is very high. We work throughout the day to personally inspect the orders before they are shipped and ensure that once ready and properly packed, they are couriered swiftly .

Environment Friendly

We take special care of protecting our environment and reducing carbon footprints. Every courier that leaves our premises gets packed in a recycled packaging so every order we receive reduces the wastage and also contributes in efforts towards green planet .Every order by you is a vote in favor of supporting cruelty-free options to make for a kinder world today and for the future!

Thank you for helping us contribute to our community and we are just an email away in case you need us.


the vegan store staff

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